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The campaign’s first task is to save the beautiful “fold” countryside on the Surrey/Sussex border from the development of a new town.


Dunsfold Airport Ltd applied in December 2015 for planning permission to build a New Town on Dunsfold Park


First Phase of 1,800 dwellings with intention to increase to 3,400 dwellings plus a large increase in the industrial space.4,350/7,000 residents; 2,800/4,500 cars: huge increase in HGVs


What is proposed is not a village but a major urban style development with many four story buildings, with a density of up to an astonishing 100 dwellings per acre at the centre and two 100ft towers. The final planned size will have more than eight times the number of dwellings that are in Dunsfold. The affordable housing will be aimed at the needs of the 700 present employees and planned additional 2,000 future employees on the site who qualify and to house those on Waverley’s Housing Needs Register. Affordable housing to meet Dunsfold’s needs will be provided in Dunsfold village, not in Dunsfold New Town.


On 14 December 2016 the Joint Planning Committee of Waverley Borough Council resolved to grant planning permission for 1,800 dwellings.


Dunsfold Parish Council, jointly with ten other local parish councils, applied to Sajid Javid, the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, to call-in the planning application for him to decide it following a public inquiry by a planning inspector. The application was called in and the public inquiry was held by a planning inspector between the 18th July and the 3rd August. The plannning inspector now has to report to Sajid Javid on the public inquiry with his recommendation as to whether planning permission should or should not be granted. The final decision will then be made by Sajid Javid.


To learn more about the scheme, including the up-to-date position, please visit:


the campaign website




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